Tank M&R

Tank (M&R) Maintenance + Repairs

ATCA Shared Services Pte Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 and bizSAFE certified company and we support our customers in their ISO-tank Repair Services.

The main objectives is to Serve our clients who wish to Reduce Operational Cost by outsourcing their non-core activities such as ISO-tank Maintenance & Repairs (M&R), Major Refurbishment & Tank Modification. With this collaborative effort among members, we have develop a High Quality & Cost Effective Solutions within our Shared Resources to support & manage your in-service & off-hire repairs such as:

  1.  Changing of Original Gaskets, Seal, O Rings;
  2.  Man-lid assembly;
  3.  Airline Valves & Down Pipings;
  4.  Safety Relief Valves(SRV);
  5.  Walkways & Safety barricades;
  6.  Overspilled Protection System;
  7.  Fire & Anti-Static Control;
  8.  Bottom Discharge Valves;
  9.  Side Loading & Discharge Piping Works;
  10.  Pressure and Temperature Gauges;
  11.  Exterior Patch / Re-Cladding Works;
  12.  Steam, Glycol & Electrical Heating System;
  13.  Frame Structural Repair, Painting & Replacement;
  14.  Tank Shell POLYUREA Chemical Resistant Coating & SS316 Surface Treatment.

At ATCA, Consistency in Safety + Quality are the essential elements in our repair works. Thus, it is implemented at all levels in our organisation without compromise.

In short we provide:

  • Professional and Quality Service;
  • Competitive Pricing;
  • Fast turn Around