Maintenance + Repairs (M&R)

ATCA Shared Services Pte Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 and bizSAFE certified company and we support our customers in their Maintenance and Repair Services.

The main objectives is to Serve our clients who wish to Reduce Operational Cost by outsourcing their non-core activities such as ISO-tank Maintenance & Repairs (M&R), Major Refurbishment & Tank Modification. With this collaborative effort among members, we have develop a High Quality & Cost Effective Solutions within our Shared Resources to support & manage your in-service & off-hire repairs such as:

  1.  Changing of Original Gaskets, Seal, O Rings;
  2.  Man-lid assembly;
  3.  Airline Valves & Down Pipings;
  4.  Safety Relief Valves(SRV);
  5.  Walkways & Safety barricades;
  6.  Overspilled Protection System;
  7.  Fire & Anti-Static Control;
  8.  Bottom Discharge Valves;
  9.  Side Loading & Discharge Piping Works;
  10.  Pressure and Temperature Gauges;
  11.  Exterior Patch / Re-Cladding Works;
  12.  Steam, Glycol & Electrical Heating System;
  13.  Frame Structural Repair, Painting & Replacement;
  14.  Tank Shell POLYUREA Chemical Resistant Coating & SS316 Surface Treatment.

At ATCA, Consistency in Safety + Quality are the essential elements in our repair works. Thus, it is implemented at all levels in our organisation without compromise.

In short we provide:

  • Professional and Quality Service;
  • Competitive Pricing;
  • Fast turn Around